Affordable Fitness: Best Treadmills Under 1000$

Treadmills have a long history of being used for various occasions, as they transformed from an invention made to refine prisoners in the 1800s to a machine that’s beneficial to your entire body, treadmills can sometimes be looked upon as a torture device by many; however, it’s far simpler to put to use than you can imagine.

Treadmills are one of the easiest gym equipment to own at home, and for those who feel like going to the gym is a burdening task, having a treadmill at home will vastly enhance many aspects of your lifestyle.

Why Buy a Treadmill?

It comes in handy when you need a quick morning exercise before starting your day. Whether it was bad weather, leveled surfaces or safety concerns, all of the previous can be avoided when using an indoor treadmill.

As widely known, it can be used for either walking, running, or even jogging. The health benefits that come out of exercising on a treadmill are numerous.

For instance, burning those extra calories off would definitely make a difference in your general appearance. Your bones and muscles will strengthen up, and your mental health will also improve.

The Mental Health Foundation shows that people who exercise more tend to experience higher self-esteem and better memory, as well as a noticeable reduction in anxiety and depression rates, so grab your sneakers and get going! 

What To Look For When Buying a Treadmill

The buying process of any product can sometimes be a little confusing; you aren’t sure of what to look for first, and you might be overwhelmed by the many choices available.

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are the main specifications to look for when buying a treadmill.

Deck and dimensions

Size is very important to keep in mind when searching for a treadmill to buy, especially when you don’t have much space to give up on. The average treadmill ranges between 14 – 28 inches in width and 54 – 64 inches in length.

Manual treadmills are usually smaller in size compared to the automatic ones, they’re also foldable, so it wouldn’t be a hassle to keep them anywhere around your house.

Before making a purchase, make sure you check your space and the dimensions of the treadmill.


When buying a treadmill that’ll be mostly used for running, speed is an important factor to put in mind. You’d want one that goes up to 10mph, or 7mph at the very least.

Runners usually run at the speed of 5mph, but if you want to spice things up a little, you should look for a treadmill that has a wide speed setting that you can freely adjust.

Incline Range

Incliners are mainly used to simulate running up a hill, and just as people come in all shapes and sizes, treadmills come with different incline settings. Using the incliner adds pressure to your joints, calves, and thighs allowing you to build lean muscle and skip leg day every once in a while.

Most treadmills have an incline up to 12%, but you wouldn’t need that much incline unless you’re a competing athlete. Setting your incliner around 3-5% will do the deed, and much more.

Weight Capacity

One of the important factors that determine what treadmill you’re going to buy is its ability to tolerate heavyweights. Most treadmills can withstand a weight capacity up to 300lbs, and some may even have a capacity a bit less than that.

To ensure that your treadmill would be able to hold on for the longest time possible, check its maximum weight load and see if it can put up with your weight range.

Motor Horsepower

Buying a motor for any electrical device can be exhausting for your wallet, and that’s why you need to buy a treadmill with a motor that can handle all of your vigorous exercises. You should look for something around 2 to 3HP.

The higher the horsepower, the more it can handle your weight and your effort.

How To Maintain Your Treadmill For The Longest Time Possible

You wouldn’t want to waste any more money than you had already spent purchasing the treadmill itself, right?

This might be the toughest section in the whole ordeal for some people. These simple yet very helpful tips will show you how to easily keep your treadmill away from possible harms.


Always keep your electronics clean. Giving your treadmill a quick swipe with a damp cloth prevents the unwanted dust particles from sweeping inside your machine, hence avoiding circuit failures that occur from time to time.


Keeping a regular eye on your treadmill stops accidents from occurring to a great extent. Inspecting it after every workout session and even before making a purchase boosts its durability.

Start by checking the deck for any damage like an exposed piece of wood, tiny ditches or even loose screws. Something as little as unfastened bolts can greatly affect the stability of your treadmill causing unwanted accidents and injuries.

Then comes the belt, inspect how the surface feels. Treadmill belts are supposed to be smooth and tight without any rags. Discoloration can also mean that the belt is worn out.

Cables and electrical circuits are a must, inspecting them at least once a month ensures the safety of your home electrical system, and most importantly, yourself. Treadmills can last for 20 years or more in some cases with the proper use and maintenance!

Adjusting and Lubricating the Belt

The belt requires lubrication every once in a while with special oils that are either delivered with the treadmill itself or can be bought online to refrain from fraying and other problems that the belt can face.

The belt also needs adjustments. When indulging in heavy workouts, the belt tends to slide out of its central frame resulting in the belt itself becoming loose which may affect your balance when running or even simply walking.

Despite it sounding like a major problem, in fact, its solution is a lot more uncomplicated. With an allen in one hand and a sharp eye, it won’t need any professional help.

First, check which direction does the belt slides towards, then turn off the treadmill and unplug it from any electrical sockets.

Search for the adjustment bolt which is usually located near the rear end of the deck. Next, use your allen to loosen or tighten up the bolts.

If you find your belt sliding off-center towards your right, you need to turn the left screw a quarter turn anticlockwise, and vice versa if it slides towards the left.

Check the belt when you’re done, repeat the previous steps if necessary until it’s corrected and there you have it, as good as new.

Our Top Picks: Efficient Treadmills Available For Less Than A Thousand Bucks

Now that we’re done talking about some important highlights, it’s time to mention some of the inexpensive functioning machines dominating the market.

1. GYMAX Folding Electric Portable Treadmill

This treadmill is suitable for those who struggle with lack of space to offer, the GYMAX dimensions (46″L x 20″W x 43″H) with its foldable nature eases its storage and helps save space.

It’s also equipped with an emergency safety key that immediately disconnects the machine in any cases possible.


  • Comes with its oil to lubricate and maintain the lifespan of the belt
  • Speed can be altered to reach 6.5 mph


  • The handrail bars are low and unadjustable, so you’d have to bend a little when clutching them
  • Doesn’t have a heart monitor
  • The display resets all of the info when stopped briefly

2. XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill Black

The Xterra is more fitting for those who lie on the heavier weight spectrum, with a weight capacity of 300lbs accompanied with a larger surface, it’s more convenient than the latter. 


  • Has a cooling fan for when it’s too hot to exercise
  • Has mp3 compatible speakers to blast your favorite music whenever
  • Speed can reach up to 10 mph


  • Has a P65 warning for Californian consumers where it can expose you to chemicals that cause reproductive harms
  • The calculations on the display screen can be incorrect in some instances

3. Goplus 2.25HP Electric Folding Treadmill

Provided with silicon pads to reduce noise and vibration when working out, the Goplus treadmill allows you to exercise whenever, whether it’s early in the morning or late at night without disturbing anyone. Its 15% incline aids greatly in burning the extra fat very easily.


  • Very sturdy, doesn’t shake when running or even speed walking


  • Doesn’t have Bluetooth potentials

4. MaxKare Folding Treadmill w/Incline Electric Motorized Running Machine

The MaxKare treadmill has a lot to offer. It’s stable design cushions each and every move you make. It also comes with a large blue LCD display views your information such as your speed, calories burned, and your heart rate.


  • One-click feature to speed up exercise
  • Durable for running for long periods


  • Not suitable for those over 220lbs

5. NordicTrack T Series Treadmills (6.5S & 6.5Si Models)

Spending hours on exercising for days on end only to find out that your workout program wasn’t doing that much change can be frustrating, some people may even quit the idea of exercising and getting fit because of that; but now that can be avoided using this treadmill.

You’d want to work out smarter, not harder, and with the NordicTrack stat tracking and its on-demand workouts, you’ll achieve your desired goal in no time.


  • 0 – 10% incline that quickly adjusts with a click of a button
  • Live interactive technology that allows personal trainers to digitally control your treadmill for more suitable workouts designed for you


  • It doesn’t activate unless you register it on the iFit program
  • Not suitable for large spaces

 6. Phoenix 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill

A manual treadmill can be tiring to use sometimes since you basically have to make the entire thing work using just your sheer power.

The Phoenix treadmill begs to differ. Its light frame and design helps with the way it works, all you have to do is walk steadily on it for a couple of minutes to get it started.


  • Very tight belt that doesn’t slide off easily
  • Easy to fold and put together


  • Can’t withstand running on it for long periods

7.ProGear HCXL 4000 Ultimate Treadmill

Rivaling the load capacity of the previous treadmill with a whole extra 50 pounds, the ProGear treadmill is designed for handling vigorous workouts pretty easily.

A feature not seen in any treadmill before, this one comes with extra long handles that have heart pulse sensors, with a 28-inch space in between.


  • Speed can be adjusted starting from 0.1mph
  • Has a 5-year motor warranty
  • Heart pulse sensors


  • Doesn’t have preset programs
  • Not suitable for those under 5’1

8. Aceshin Treadmill for Home

If you’re a fan of walking rather than exerting yourself with running or sprinting, then this one’s for you. In addition to its 3 level manual incline for adding more intensity to your exercise, it also helps in building more endurance.


  • Comes with a new hydraulic folding system alongside a soft drop system
  • Can be controlled by an app made specifically for it (optional)


  • Short running belt
  • Incline isn’t adjustable


There are many types of treadmills depending on the needs of different people and their physique. For those looking for great results, and great machines, I’d recommend two of the treadmills mentioned above.

Our top pick is the NordicTrack treadmill. With its special features and never ending training options, getting fit won’t be much of a hassle anymore.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking for something a bit more affordable, and practical at the same time, then we suggest you opt for the ProGear treadmill.

Surely these two are the stronger rivals in the list above, but always search for what’s fitting to you, your budget, and your lifestyle.

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